Ferrari Gallery

H3 Portraits


My inspiration for this series came from my love of fashion, horses and the humans who love horses.

H3 Portraits tells visual narratives of the relationship between horse and human. I illustrate these stories using realistic, contemporary oil paintings focused on the timeless unity between man, animal and art.

In 1837, Thierry Hermes began creating horse bridles and harnesses for the carriage trade in his Parisian workshop. His legacy brand endured a century more as a leather goods manufacturer before introducing its iconic scarf in 1938. By incorporating the Hermes scarf into my otherwise pastoral scenes of humans and horses I pay homage to this tradition of equestrian craftsmanship and explore the ways manmade objects- ranging from practical saddles to decorative accessories- have forged the human-horse bond throughout time. If it were not for horses Hermes would not of existed.

To explore the partnership between humans and horses I plan to seek out people and their horses across the globe. I will photograph my subjects and record notes about who they are, where they are from and what their connection is with horses. This level of intimicy is essential for me to visually communicate their story.

I seek to show that no matter what our cultural differences are we humans share common identities. I hope to shift our focus to more natural interactions- such as that between two living things, one homo sapien and the other equine. I believe that horses can help us cross borders and show how connected we truly are- and by creating oil paintings with this focus I am able to communicate the ways in which we are similar rather than the ways in which we diverge.

There's an extra passion for horses that seems to flow like lifeblood through certain countries and cultures, yet their impact across the globe and throughout time remain undisputed. It is through this universality that I believe they can help people around the world focus on love, peace and understanding.

Artist and Peacemaker Marker Project Founder, Tiite Baquero describes my work as, "A breath of fresh air to contemporary art. Bringing back narrative, meaning and beauty to the viewer is just what the world needs now to contrast the nothingness of our times." As is true with all artists, creating H3 Portraits enables me to to add something to this world that didn't before exist. Art helps us to engage, create value and communictae through aesthetic beauty.  It can also challenge boundaries, which I aim to do in my paintings.